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Specialist social care and foster carer recruitment agency

With an undervalued workforce, an aging population and growing uncertainty around future funding, we understand the mounting pressures that the social care sector is under. The Covid pandemic has put these pressures well under the public spotlight, revealing how the sector needs our support now more than ever before.

We have worked with a number of organisations within the social care sector over the years, across housing, employment and financial support. We also have a great deal of experience in foster carer recruitment, having worked with the likes of Wiltshire Council and Bolton Cares to deliver foster carer recruitment campaigns.

Our collaborative and hands-on approach means that we have first-hand experience of the social care sector, having worked directly with service users and carried out site visits. We’ve also worked directly with carers and consulted them during audience insight workshops, enabling us to create content that speaks to the right people in the right way.

Whether you’re looking to run a campaign to recruit more carers or to raise awareness of your organisation’s mission, we’ve got all the right experience and tools in our toolbox to help you achieve your goals.

“We’re very happy with the recruitment campaign Eleven delivered for us and the results that have been achieved, and the difference this has made to vulnerable children in care living in Wiltshire. Compared to other experiences, working with Eleven has felt easy, they really made it their work to understand ‘our business’, specifically what we wanted, listened to our carers and worked with our audience to ensure they really understood what would work for them."


"The campaign creative is exactly what we hoped for and the results of the digital campaign have impressed various stakeholders, including foster carers, social workers, managers, senior managers and elected councillors. Eleven managed to deliver most of our annual recruitment target enquiries in just a few months!”

Fostering and Kinship Manager, Wiltshire Council