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Accessibility is all about designing an experience to meet the needs of everyone within your audience, including those with disabilities. And with 15% of the global population having a disability, producing inclusive content has never been more important.


It’s all about doing the right thing

Here at Eleven, we’re passionate about doing the right thing. And accessible design is all about doing the right thing by your entire audience. Accessible marketing is centered around making sure that everyone can easily access the same content, and we do this by helping to remove any potential barriers that stand between you and your audience.

Designing your content for everyone

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that accessibility is just about ticking the right boxes to meet standard requirements. Accessibility and inclusive design are all about making it possible for people of all abilities to experience your content to the fullest extent. We consider the experience from every possible angle to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience, regardless of their abilities or circumstances (whether permanent or temporary).

Is accessible design a legal requirement?

Although accessibility is a good practice that every organisation should follow, there are in fact legal accessibility regulations for public sector bodies to comply with. Public sector organisations must ensure that anything published on their website is accessible to WCAG 2.1 guidelines. And this is where we come in.

Our commitment

We recognise that inclusivity is an imperative part of our work as a marketing agency is to make sure that everyone can access the information they need. Our team is fully trained in accessible design consultation and delivery, which means we are able to offer a range of accessible marketing services.

Our services include:

  • Accessibility audit
  • Accessibility consultancy
  • Accessible design
  • Accessible motion/video
  • Accessibility training
  • Easy read
  • Technical application