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Accessibility overview

Accessibility is all about designing an experience to meet the needs of everyone within your audience, including those with disabilities.

Whether you’re looking to launch a campaign from scratch or you’re interested in revisiting a suite of materials to fit in line with accessibility guidelines, we can work closely with you to help make your campaigns and communications accessible to your entire audience.

Interested in finding out a little more about accessibility and what accessible marketing entails? Explore our blog below.

Accessible marketing

What is accessible marketing and why should it form part of your marketing plan?

Creating an inclusive experience

Accessibility is all about designing an experience to meet the needs of everyone within your audience, including those with disabilities. In the world of marketing, this leaves a number of online and of online touchpoints to consider such as websites, graphic design and video content.

What are the legal requirements for accessible design?

The law on digital accessibility

Accessible design is important as it means that no one gets excluded from experiencing and enjoying your content. And if you’re a public sector body, you could find that you are actually breaking the law by not making your digital content accessible.

Is your video content accessible?

Best practise for video content

Making sure your video content is accessible simply means creating it in a way that everyone can experience and enjoy. Think of accessibility as best practice for video content as video that contains accessibility features is far more likely to be engaged with by your audience.

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Accessible marketing

How to make your PowerPoint presentations accessible

Unlocking your presentation to its full potential

PowerPoint presentations are highly dependent on visuals, but accessibility is too often overlooked in the creation process. By making your slides accessible, you’re unlocking your presentation to its full potential by enabling people with differing abilities to experience and use it.

Accessible design - what you need to know to brief your agency effectively

A step-by-step guide on briefing your agency

Accessible design means creating content that is great to use and easy to navigate for the largest possible audience. Whilst this is now a legal requirement for public sector organisations, it’s also incredibly good business practice and an important consideration for every organisation.

How to conduct an accessibility marketing audit

The first step in your accessibility journey

If the concept of accessible design is still a fairly new one for you and your organisation, an accessibility audit is a fantastic place to start to see how your content is performing in terms of meeting the needs of your audience.


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