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The challenge

The University of Leeds produces an annual report every year. This is a published document and is presented to Leeds City Council for review. This was the first time the report needed to be made accessible and was being held purely online.

The University was looking to outsource the creation of the document for the first time following their InDesign template - putting it out to tender for all the design agencies on their framework. 

As this was a job that had always been handled internally, our client wanted to ensure they trusted the agency they were working with. They also wanted to understand the costings to ensure that they were getting a good return on investment. 

We sold the university on our approach, demonstrating how we would work closely with them and engage them at every stage of the project. ​

The challenge

The solution

We worked closely with the client to understand the existing annual report template. From the start we knew this was an accessible PDF, so we set out the design files in line with WCAG 2.1 best practice.

Once the project had started, we sent our client a range of options for visuals and imagery. This gave the client the chance to see that we’d interpreted their template effectively.

Throughout the project, we booked in weekly calls to discuss any challenges or outstanding copy – proactively managing the entire delivery of the project from beginning to end.

Our client had a moving end-date, with various sign-off points along the way from the Council and independent auditors.

In order to meet these deadlines, we marked specific days in our cloud-based project planning software where we knew the council or independent auditor sign-offs would be taking place.

This helped to keep the project on track and meant that we were able to meet each of the deadlines. ​

We set out the design files in line with WCAG 2.1 best practice.

We set out the design files in line with WCAG 2.1 best practice.

We sent out client a range of options for visuals and imagery.

We sent out client a range of options for visuals and imagery.

University of Leeds Annual Report Mockup 1

The impact

The client was so happy with our work on the initial project that they approached us to redesign their annual report template. This is usually carried out internally. 


As this was a large project with many elements to consider, we quoted for 12 rounds of amends - over and above our usual three rounds.

Midway through the project, the client asked for the content to be centred as it was a digital document and therefore no longer required the folding margin allowance. We carried this out as one of the rounds of amends.

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