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When it comes to creating an animation for your organisation, there are some things you just have to get right.

And it’s not just about making sure the quality is spot on (more on this here), but it’s also about nailing your audio. Your voiceover plays a very important role in delivering your animation’s message, so it’s important that it gets given the same level of consideration as the visual elements of your video.

Whilst it’s tempting to think that a voiceover can simply be recorded by anyone to cut down on costs, choosing a professional voiceover will give your animation the finish and finesse that will capture your audience’s attention from the very start.

Here’s why you should use a professional voiceover artist for your animation…


They know what they’re doing

Let’s start with the obvious – voiceover artists record voiceovers for a living. Many of them have several years of experience and already understand how to speak to a wide variety of audience types, including yours. This is ideal for when your project is working to a particularly tight deadline, as your voiceover artist will be able to turn the work around quickly and efficiently.


They’ve got all the right equipment

Your voiceover artist will have a fully equipped recording studio, ready to produce work to an exceptional standard. They’ll know exactly how to achieve a professional and polished finish and be able to create a fully-edited final take – so you don’t have to! Choosing to work with a professional saves you all the hassle of forking out for expensive recording equipment, and the trouble of learning how to use it.


They work as an extension of your creative team

As you’ll be actively recruiting your voiceover artist for the job, they’ll be working as an extension of your creative team alongside your designer and animator. This means they’ll be able to interpret your brief and respond to any specific directions or amends you have along the way. And by building a great relationship with your voiceover artist, you’ll also be opening the door for being able to work with them again in the future too.


Whilst it’s tempting to think you can simply record a voiceover yourself or ask someone from a different department to sort it for you on the side, this can often lead to a lot of further hassle and complications in the long run.

We’ve been helping our clients to source professional voiceover artists for animation work for several years. So, if you’re looking for support with finding the right voice to bring your animation to life, get in touch.

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