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Conversations about money make many of us uncomfortable. And sadly, this can be especially true for organisations when it comes to discussing available budget with their marketing agency.

But choosing to leave the subject off the table is a bad idea, as it can lead to confusion and frustration on both sides. The budget is a big part of the brief, so it’s hugely beneficial for both the organisation and the agency to have an understanding of this from the outset.

Here’s why…


You’ll know what’s achievable from the start

We’ve often found that clients feel reluctant to disclose a budget because they’re simply unsure what marketing services cost. One of the best ways to help define costs from the get-go is to have an open and honest conversation with your agency. This will help you identify exactly what you’re looking to accomplish and suggest a ballpark figure for achieving it. Our approach following these conversations with our clients is to propose bronze, silver and gold packages with various levels of activity and support proposed. This gives our clients a choice to select the package that best suits their needs.


You’ll get accurate and cost-effective solutions

Another concern that organisations often have with stating a budget is that their marketing agency will simply find a way to fill it. But any trustworthy agency worth its salt will readily admit that it’s not always the most expensive campaigns that are the most effective. We make it our mission to help keep your costs down by always proposing the most cost-effective solution possible. We’ll also provide a line-by-line breakdown of our costings along with a thoroughly detailed rationale, keeping our quotations transparent.


It makes the commissioning process a lot easier

It’s very difficult to evaluate proposals that come in at drastically different rates. This is because you’re not really looking to necessarily hire the agency that gives the lowest price, but rather the one that provides the best value for money. By giving at least a ball-park figure for your budget, you’ll find that you actually get like-for-like quotations back, making the commissioning process a lot easier.


Maintaining a strong client/agency relationship is all about communication. And this starts with open and honest discussions, ensuring everyone is on the same page about the brief. Taking the time to outline exactly what it is you’re hoping to achieve, along with the budget you’re looking to allocate, will tell the agency everything they need to know to tailor a solution to help you reach your goals.

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