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2020 saw the introduction of several ‘new normals’ to our daily routine. The Coronavirus pandemic had a very sudden and significant impact on the workplace and many businesses had to react fast by implementing new measures to facilitate safe working. 

For many this was introducing strict social distancing measures to keep workers safe in the workplace, for others it meant adjusting to a remote working policy.

This shift to remote working has uncovered a huge number of benefits for employees. With commuting time and costs cut out of the equation, employees are benefitting from having more free time and money on their hands – not to mention the environmental benefits from reduced fuel emissions. 75% of workers also claimed that they were more productive working from home due to reduced distractions. Video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams have also made this transition much easier for businesses, with screen and instant file sharing now possible at the click of a button.  


On the flip side of the coin, around 30% of remote workers said they struggle with loneliness when working from home. There is also the added difficulty of ‘switching off’ after a long day’s work as the home and office spaces have merged, making it all the more tricky for people to distinguish between the two. And whilst technology has largely been on our side, nothing disrupts the flow of a virtual meeting quite like a poor internet connection. This can make progressing projects and building client relationships much more difficult, and can also inhibit creativity and idea generation amongst your own team. 

The hybrid working model provides a blended approach for both organisations and their staff, offering the best of both worlds. Offering employees greater flexibility with their working schedule creates a happier workforce, and therefore leads to increased loyalty. By also providing an office space, the team can feel more connected and creative ideas can be shared with ease. 


At Eleven, we are fortunate enough to have a huge working space in a converted chapel. This has made our transition to a hybrid working policy all the more achievable, with hand sanitising stations and a one-way system in place – and appropriate signage throughout the building to make life easier for our staff. We’ve also provided each member of our team with all the tools and equipment they could need to work from home, and we have daily check-ins to make sure everyone is doing ok and has all the support they need. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about our hybrid working policy or would be interested in becoming a part of our growing team here at Eleven, get in touch with a member of our team or visit our careers page for available vacancies. 

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