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Last week, Austin, a student at Cheshire College South & West studying business, joined us at Eleven for work experience. He told us what he enjoyed most about his time with us.

During my time at Eleven Marketing, I was given an insight to the agency’s operations and what their day-to-day work life is like. I shadowed in meetings and listened to the team at Eleven meet with clients and speak with them about their ongoing projects.


What I liked about this was how they were always communicating with their clients and hosting regular meetings or call sessions to fill them in on any developments that may have happened. This was good for me to see and has given me ideas on how I could do this in the future.

Another great aspect of the team was how willing they were to share the workload and take on any extra work to help each other, which again will stick with me.

Every time I shadowed someone at Eleven, they always made sure to explain everything in detail to fill me in on what they were doing, to make sure I understood and give me an insight to what I would potentially be doing. They made me feel very involved and a part of their team and gave me some of my own tasks to complete, such as planning for their upcoming blogs and social media content and analysing their library of recent video and animation work.

They all share a close bond with one another at Eleven and host regular meetings to update each other on work or even their life outside of work, which was good to see. They allow themselves to wind down and relax before getting back to work.

To find out about any available work experience placements at Eleven, get in touch with us by emailing or visit our careers page.

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