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Foster Care FortnightTM is The Fostering Network's annual campaign to raise awareness of the transformational power of fostering and to celebrate the fostering community.  

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From 10-23 May 2021, this year’s campaign will aim to encourage a diverse array of people with the relevant skills and experience to become foster carers  

As a marketing agency that has worked with a number of organisations on foster carer recruitment strategies in recent years, we’ve rounded up our top tips for how you can best approach your foster carer recruitment strategy for this year’s Foster Care FortnightTM. 

  1. Make your message unique 
    With so many organisations competing for foster carers, your campaign messaging needs to be the one that stands out. You don’t just need to answer the question of ‘why foster a child, but also why foster a child with your organisation?’ When implementing a foster carer recruitment campaign for Wiltshire Council, we achieved this by professionalising the role of fostering by with Wiltshire Council as a viable and rewarding career choice. 
  2. Use real-life testimonials and case studies 
    The words of your foster carers will be much more powerful than yours to your audience. Using real stories from your previous or current foster carers of their experience is a very powerful way of showing your audience first-hand what the decision to be a foster carer could mean to them. Video content is especially powerful, but if you don’t have this at your disposal then written testimonials and case studies can be a great tool too for striking a chord with your audience. 
  3. Make sure you’re targeting the right people 
    This all comes down to understanding your audience. Make sure that you do your research at the very start and create audience profiles to help you make sure that you’re targeting them in the right way and in the right places. If it’s regional campaign that you’re running, then make sure you have the right filters in place for your digital channels. A lot of money can be wasted through ineffective targeting. 
  4. Nurture your leads 
    Many of your leads will be in the early consideration stage and may have further questions. This is your chance to get in touch with them directly and build a relationship with them by answering their questions to guide them through the process. Remember that they may have submitted enquiries to multiple fostering organisations. So, by responding to enquiries quickly and positively to build a relationship and find out what you can do to support their decision-making process, you’re putting yourself in a strong position against the competition 
  5. Work with professionals 
    Knowing your internal capabilities and understanding what skills you need to outsource is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. And there are plenty of well-experienced professionals out there who can help you. A marketing agency with the right experience will be able to guide you through your entire campaign process, from planning to implementation to measurement and optimisation 

 Looking to launch a foster carer recruitment strategy and would like to work with us? Get in touch with a member of our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

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